The Developmental Affective Neuroscience Lab was out and about last week, as part of the Sheffield Festival of Science & Engineering 2017, celebrating world-class research in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Our workshop, “It’s all in your head”, was run in schools across the county, alongside a stall in Sheffield’s Moor Market, educating and entertaining children, young people and adults with psychology-related tasks. These included:

  • A mobile-EEG headset (EMOTIV Epoc+), allowing individuals to see their brain activity in real time.
  • “How strong is your brain?” – Mindflex Duel is a console utilizing EEG technology that measures brainwave activity, and allows players to face off in a mental shoving match! Using brain activity alone, players must force a ball into their opponents zone to win!
  • “Time for Neuroanatomy” – Individuals had the opportunity to learn about the structure and function of the brain, handling life-size models of the brain, and having a go at diagnosing the causes and possible symptoms of fictitious and historic cases of brain injury.

The workshops were enjoyed by all, and received great feedback from students, teachers, and members of the public. If you are interested in having this workshop in your school, please contact Dr Liat Levita (

“It’s all in your head”: Our part in Sheffield Festival of Science & Engineering 2017