Lizzy Kirkham recently took part in an outreach day at Weston Park museum. Over 500 people attended the event, which showcased psychological research at Sheffield University. Lizzy’s stall gave young people the opportunity to try on a portable EEG headset and see their brainwaves in action. More information about the day can be found here:

The portable EEG headset has also been a hit at the ‘Complex Cauliflower’ sessions Lizzy has been running this term with Chloe Lane and Phillippa Harrison. These sessions were originally set up by Dr Megan Freeth and her research assistant Leandra Howarden. The workshops, which have been running for over two years, teach high school students about the brain and how we study it here at Sheffield University. To find out more, see Lizzy’s blog post:


A participant trying out the portable EEG headset during the Weston Park outreach event.

Outreach day at Weston Park museum