Rather than presenting her research with a state-of-the-art projector, expensive sound system, PowerPoint slides and a laser pen, lab member Isobel Williams decided to present her research in the pub. Isobel is the first speaker at a new monthly event in Sheffield, known as PubhD, where three researchers from any subject area explain their work to an audience in the pub, in exchange for drinks.

Isobel will be presenting her research on individuals with Functional Neurological Symptoms. Up to 30% of patients attending neurology clinics are suffering from symptoms which are medically unexplainable. These are called Functional Neurological Symptoms, and clinicians believe they could be cause by difficulties with emotion regulation. In particular, patients have been described as having poor insight into what emotions they are experiencing. But how can you regulate your emotions, when you don’t know what you are feeling? Isobel will be presenting an experiment she has planned which will investigate whether or not patients with Functional Neurological Symptoms really do have trouble identifying their emotions, and what this could mean for treatment.

Isobel’s talk, entitled ‘Giving meaning to feelings in functional neurological symptoms’, will be the first of the night. Alongside Isobel’s talk, there will also be talks on ‘Making medics mindful with feedback’, and how the metabolism can help to fight antimicrobial resistance. The talks are designed to be understood by anyone, and provide a great opportunity to learn about research going on in the city, and learn about something you might have never heard of!

The event has also received attention from the local press (Sheffield Star “Two pints of lager and a PhD talk please”), and promises to be a great evening out!

The first PubhD takes place on Wednesday 2nd November at Harrison’s 1854 Bar on Regent Terrace, and starts at 7pm.

PhD Presentation…in the pub!