Welcome to the Developmental Affective Neuroscience Lab!

We are a team of researchers based at the Department of Psychology, University of Sheffield. The lab is directed by Dr Liat Levita.

Our goal is to examine the factors that underlie well-being throughout development, especially during adolescence. Adolescence is a wonderful, if at times challenging, and prolonged transitional period in our lives, which we now know does not end until our mid-twenties. It is a time individuals learn to be independent and carve their own path in life.  It is a time of great change physically, emotionally and socially, as a result of changes in  how the brain processes information, as the brain continues to mature and develop during this period.  However, for some it is a period associated with high levels of anxiety, dangerous risk taking behaviours and emergence of life long mental health issues. We are interested in understanding why in some people adolescence, while still challenging, is associated with good positive outcomes, but it others it is a period associated with life long negative outcomes.

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