Samantha Linton recently presented her study, “Fearful faces as action feedback produce and enhanced temporal recalibration effect” at a meeting held by the Experimental Psychology Society in Oxford. The study found that fearful faces modulated the degree of temporal calibration; this means that participant’s who believed their actions caused┬áthe presentation of a fearful face on a computer screen were more likely to think the amount of time was shorter between the action and the fearful face, compared to when they thought their actions┬ácaused an oval or neutral face to appear on-screen. This difference in temporal recalibration for fearful faces is thought to reflect prioritization of stimuli indicating possible threats in the environment.

The poster Samantha presented at the meeting can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Fearful Faces & Temporal Recalibration Poster – Samantha Linton

Poster Presentation at Oxford EPS Meeting